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High School Teams

Lauren Clark - Founded the Brentwood Academy book club. As a senior, this is her second year of robotics.

Katie Ann Edgeworth - Enjoys painting, drawing, and playing the piano. Katie Ann is a sophomore, and along with Lauren, this is her second year doing robotics at BA.

Jackson Fuller - Loves playing video games, drawing, and his physics class. Jackson is a junior and has been in robotics for three years.

Will Shipp - Plans on attending Auburn next year to study wireless engineering. He is currently a senior at BA and has been doing robotics for four years.

Nathan Springman - Plays both the harp and clarinet in a local youth orchestra, and is the programmer of this website. He is also a senior and has been in robotics for four years.


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Mckenna Harris

Emerson Smith

Micah Skinner

Maddie Strom


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Jon Mason Billington - Jon Mason competes in cross country, basketball, track, and flag football. His favorite subject is English. He is a sophomore. He loves Baylor and Murray State. His favorite professional sports team is (like the rest of C team) the Nashville Predators. He builds, drives, and is a great encourager when it is needed!

Brock B. Powell - Brock is a freshman in high school. He plays varsity ice hockey, inline hockey, soccer, and tennis. His favorite subject is math. He is a fan of UT Texas and ACU. His favorite professional sports team has been the Nashville Predators his whole life. He has 3 years worth of experience programming RobotC. He also has begun programming C+. For the team he mainly programs, builds, and researches for new ideas for robots.

Hank J. Roberson - Hank plays basketball and flag football. His favorite subject is Chemistry. He is a sophomore at Brentwood Academy. He has been an Alabama fan his whole life thanks to many family members going there. His favorite professional sports team is the Nashville Predators. For the team he helps Brock program, builds, brainstorms, and drives.


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Caleb Harris

Matthew Lambreth

Samuel Robertson

Sierra Sarlo

Jenny Wooten


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James Denney

Ladd Edgeworth

Sarah Edwards

Eli Passmore

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